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Fides Bolivia

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supernova fm Fides Bolivia En Vivo Bolivia online en linea, escuchanos live en vivo!


título información
Nombre Fides Bolivia
Contacto C/ Jenaro Sanjines # 799, Ciudad La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia
Frecuencia 101.3 FM
Logo Chacaltaya Radio Bolivia
Eslogan “es la Gente”
Lengua Español
Pais La Paz
Website http://www.radiofides.com/
Sobre Radio Fides is the Bolivian radio station belonging to the Society of Jesus. It was founded on February 2, 1939. This is the first Jesuit Catholic radio Bolivia and Latin America. Until 1955, its programming consisted of selected music, international news from the BBC, educational activities and religious programs. Fides was in 1955 when, in order to capture a wider audience, he decided to spread popular music during its programming and, in 1956, began his journalism including own information. Between 1972 and 1978,
during the regime of dictatorship, Radio Fides was heard by the population of medium-high socio-economic status and their newscasts were considered highly credible and impartial. Its director, José Gramunt, had the editorial of the station under the label “Is It True Or Not?”. In 1980, Eduardo Perez Iribarne, who was then the head of press, promoted the transformation of Radio Fides to make it a means of “cutting edge” antioficialista and rebellious, to the emergence of a popular demand communication end the era of dictatorship .


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